Rotation Marketing Group

We promote randomly discovered Christian Fiction works, covering a wide range of genres, and those of authors who join our FREE group. 

Why? To help gain new readers for randomly discovered authors and create a group of individuals serious about cross-promoting their work.

The Benefits? Increase your current reader base. Current weekly flyer view reach, over 14,850 and increasing daily.

Can I Add Colleagues? Yes, by all means. The more participants, the higher the reader base reached potential.


How Does It Work? All those in the group, post the designated flyer on ALL of their social media pages for the scheduled days.

Each flyer will be showcasing one author/book at a time to assist with creating focused marketing. Order randomly chosen – hence rotation group name.

Also, links to at least 3 of each participant’s social media pages will be added to the promotions trailer on YouTube.

Length of Overall Campaign? Each campaign ends after all participants have been featured once in the set number of flyer posts. At that point you can withdraw from the group or stay for the next round and be featured again. For each campaign, you have the opportunity to provide a new book to be featured or repeat the book from the previous campaign – a reminder email will be sent in advance.

What Do I Need to Submit? Completion of the short form below is all that’s required. Your book covers can also be uploaded – though not necessary if available for downloading from your social media page(s).

What Will A Typical Flyer Included? Book cover (determined by author), either a compelling copy (assistance available for that) or a short review excerpt (provided by author), and link to purchase page(s) (provided by author).

Still Have Questions? Feel free to email me directly here

I agree to take part in this free cross-promoting group. I understand that full participation is expected during each round of promotions I remain in; failure to do so allows the organizer to remove me from current and future campaigns.