Readio Ad Image Forwarding

Your respective book cover and/or banner images should be formatted as:

  • 300 dpi images
  • Images should be in PNG (preferred) or JPEG, JPG format.

Ad Book cover photos ONLY, sized at 200 x 275 pixels.

Banner Ad images, forward complete single banner image that INCLUDES any wording overlay, sized at based on your choice of:

  • Small Banner size 425 x 195
  • Medium Banner size 485 x 215 pixels
  • Large Banner size 570 x 235 pixels

Send us your image to complete the submission of your ad spot to:

ONLY include:

In Subject Field: Book Title & Pen Name or Promo Name

Attach Image File: Save as Book Title & Pen Name or Promo Name

File Name Example: ABC BOOK John Doe or ABC Book Event

NOTE: This email is not manned. Do not add any message in body of email.

AFTER emailing your image for this order, go here to complete by making your payment: