The Nephilim, A Giant Walk Through History by Jeff E. Brannon Mobi Version


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Have you ever wondered why God allowed genocide in the land of Canaan? Do you remember growing up and hearing stories of giants? Does the phrase “Fee Fi Fo Fum” sound familiar? What exactly did Jesus mean when He said that the last days would be like the days of Noah?

In this story, the author takes you on a journey, founded in Biblical and extra-Biblical text, from the dawn of time through the present day and even portrays a glimpse in what might happen in the very near future.

Who were Nimrod and his wife? How do they tie in to events both in the past and the future?

Who are the Nephilim? Are they real? Do they live among us? Find out the answers to these and many more questions in this book today.


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This work is a work of fiction. That said, tons of information have been pulled from the Bible and other writings of antiquity. I tried to used the actual names and locations to be as accurate as I could with the narrative. Some of the books outside of the Bible that are used as reference materials are: I Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees. These three sources are actually quoted from in both the Old and New Testaments. If Moses, Jesus, the Apostles, and the early church leaders quoted and formed doctrine from these, I thought they should at the very least be considered as sources for my research while writing this account. While I tried to stay as historically accurate as I could, there are places where I took certain literary freedoms afforded to the writers of fiction.


It is my goal to open you up to a new view of history, or to be more precise, an older view of history. Too many times we see modern man re-writing history to suit his own taste. This story you are about to read is what many of our forefathers know and believed. Josephus even commented that in his day, the bones of the Nephilim were still on display. Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wrote about the bones of giants discovered during their lifetimes. Where did these go? Why have the holders of this history withheld their information? So many questions. Who are the Nephilim? Do they exist today? How does all this tie into a Biblical worldview? I hope to answer some of these questions as you embark on this journey through history. I hope that as you read this story, you will begin to dig for the truth that is out there. I hope it will spark a fire in you to not settle for a watered down version of the past.


As outrageous as some of this story may seem with our modern accepted view of history, please keep in mind there are many things our modern culture rejects. Modern culture has a conflict with Jesus casting out a demon. Modern day religion would just have them take a pill and talk to a counselor, while Jesus simply cast the demon out. Does this mean that there are no such things as demons? If they are real, where did they come from? Did they simply go away after Jesus’ time on earth? Have we evolved to a point where demons are now controlled with pharmaceuticals? OR is out modern view tainted and we need some understanding? Just as much as there is a physical realm, there is a spiritual realm. We are told in the NT that our warfare in not physical, but spiritual. What did Jesus mean by saying that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against us? We are not taught most any of this in our modern day culturally relevant churches. Can you explain the virgin birth apart from the supernatural? How did the Apostle Peter walk on water? I challenge you to open your eyes to see history through a more complete viewpoint.

For the treasure hunters out there, this story has a lot of facts that in a causal reading, you might miss. As you read this narrative, look up the character’s names and you will find symbolic meaning. Most of the names, numbers, or symbols mentioned in the story have a deeper contextual meaning. There are also clues scattered about the text to be found and researched out for a richer meaning to the story as well as how they time into world history. If something seems outrageous, look up the scriptures or history surrounding the story. Beside the Bible itself, crack open I Enoch, or Jasher, or Jubilees, or even try Google! See the account from there, before you rush to judgment.

It is my belief that you cannot fully comprehend the message from Genesis to Revelation without an understanding of who and what the Nephilim are. The Seed of Satan spoken of in Genesis 3.


It is my prayer that your eyes would be opened to a history that is not often told, or wrote off as myth/legend. Jesus gave us a sign of what the end of the age would look like. Take this journey and see what was going on, and possibly still going on today.

Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride.



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