The Journey of False Perceptions – Robert Jenkins


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Robert Jenkins shares what bound not only him but also many others in this life-changing book, exposing all angles of false perceptions. The contents will present many understandings that guide our thinking and control our emotions. Robert uses the Bible as a mirror in life to show how false perceptions can shape our lives, influencing us to believe things that are totally incorrect.  He dives into feelings such as hate, love, and truth as well as how God may dictate our perceptions. The differences between what is true to us and what is the truth to God will also be revealed.

Robert illustrates how many people are in bondage, poverty, and suffering because of their perceptions. He walks us through his journey of not being afraid to confront the lies he was told and lies he created to feel safe, by outlining how he became free and the lessons learned. This book is very transparent, real, and raw, no lies, hiding, or covering up. You will find yourself going from crying to laughing, and even getting mad, but by the end of this book you’ll be free not only in mind but in spirit. Robert’s journey was very painful and confusing, but with God’s help and choosing to move forward, God raised him up to be a voice in the earth.


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