The 8 Prayer Watches by Clarissa Rhinehart


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The 8 Prayer Watches: Unleash the Power of PRAYER Manual, is a valuable manual that will take your prayer life to the next level.


When prayer becomes a habit, victory becomes a lifestyle.


There is a great need for deeper prayer in the life of every believer who desires to see their prayers answered, while learning the strategies and tactics that a well-developed and disciplined prayer life can produce.


Do you know what hours to pray for healing, deliverance, spiritual breakthroughs, angelic interventions, supernatural favour, miraculous encounters, taking back territories, waging war in the spirit, shutting the mouths of curses spoken over your life and so much more?


The problem is that most believers do not know how to PRAY with SKILL but God is desiring His children to get EQUIPPED!


We must be Watchmen on the Wall of Prayer, who understands that our prayers can get to the gate, but it takes FAITH to get them to the throne!


Get READY to Unleash your Power through PRAYER within this manual!



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