My Life As An Onion by Carole McDonnell


Struggling with grief, her impoverished life, and a needy family, Denise Higgins accepts a job opportunity as a sober companion. Her job is simple: keep Ben Moreau away from drugs and his druggie friends. She is also to report back to his parents – something Ben is not aware of and would not appreciate. Ben Moreau, despite being three years Denise’s junior, proves to be far more alluring than she ever thought possible. Not only is he a gorgeous and wealthy French Korean with an ever so charming personality, he is also generous and willing to befriend her so long as he can have her loyalty. Following her heart may only bring her grief, and ignoring it is certain to because while Denise is a staunch Bible reader and seer of visions, Ben is a jaded profligate surrounded by drug-taking friends. Denise has more than a few hurdles to overcome. Least of which are Ben’s money, Ben’s ability to manipulate her, her own growing infatuation with him, a shared ongoing secret between Ben and his friends and an ancient curse that hangs over Ben’s family line.

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