Peek Inside – The 8 Prayer Watches by Clarissa Rhinehart

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Unleash The Power Through Prayer, The 8 Prayer Watches

Would you believe me if I told you while these teachings were being taught, I was under serious attack and right before the release of this book, I was attack with pains within my CHEST! Yep, you heard me correctly! I was attack with a Spirit of Fear not to release this, BUT GOD! The bible tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven suffered violence AND the violent take it by force; (Matthew 11:12, KJV).


So, the truth is, I got VIOLENT within my prayers as I went into the spirit realm and beheaded that demon called Fear! God reminded me that it was TIME to DEAL a SEVERE BLOW to the Kingdom of Darkness by Unleashing my POWER from teaching others the strategies of understanding The 8 Power Watches!


Much of my training and understanding came over a five-year period where God literally allowed me to experience what happens in each of The 8 Prayer Watches and how it can affect you in every area of your life. He allowed me during that time to be an Intercessor for many people, while standing in a position as their spiritual bullet proof vest! I had to wage war in the spirit to intercede for marriages and even the lives of those who were close and dear to me that the devil wanted to take out prematurely. God began to deal with me in a way that I developed my own method of prayer from my intimate time with Him, to the point that it became so consistent like breathing! We are commanded to P.R.A.Y, (Praise, Repent, Ask & Yield), and if we don’t, we are sinning. Once you develop the habit of talking to God constantly and daily, WATCH WHAT WILL HAPPEN!


Brothers and sisters, if you are reading this introduction to this point, then it is evident that not only are you thirsty, but you have a DESIRE to go DEEPER within your prayer life to unlock some things within the Spirit realm for your life, your family, your friends, your ministry and the nation. When the Lord awakens you to PRAY, consider it to be something vital, special, precious, mandatory, and extremely strategic! You must be willing to walk in obedience with the Lord and keep your heart truthful, holy and clean if you want your prayers answered, for the Word of God says that we must worship Him in spirit and in truth; (John 4:24).


Many of you have asked, when you awake within those hours that you don’t seem to understand why, you asked exactly what are you supposed to be praying, and all I can tell you is that the Lord Himself will give you what to Pray about in a way that you don’t have to question. In knowing that, the next thing is to focus your prayers on the target points within the watches that you awaken, to unleash more of your power with a purpose to HIT; (Have Intentional Targets).


God wants us to learn how to effectively get before Him to counter-petition Satan! When one counter- petitions Satan with their prayers, what they are doing, is off-settings the enemy’s request from off their life, situations or future. The reason why Satan does so much to the saints, is because many of God’s people don’t bother to counter-petition his requests; think about this for a moment, just may be if Job would have counter- petition the enemy instead of questioning God with his why’s, may be the enemy’s hand over him would have been cut quickly.


Many of us waste too much time telling God how big our problems are instead of telling our problems HOW BIG OUR GOD IS!


As you read this book, your Power will come from you getting the understanding that you need to unleash your power through prayer. This book is rooted and based from these two scriptures; Matthew 26:41 and Ephesians 6:12, KJV) …. PLEASE GO AND READ THEM and MEDITATE ON THEM AS WELL.