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This book contains strong sexual themes and content not suitable for persons under the age of 18.  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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First edition.

Chapter 1


Zelda ended the call and screamed into her hands. Her office door opened and she saw a long shadow cast over her desk. She looked up and saw Sydney with a look she didn’t recognize. He was angry. He stood in the doorway clutching his phone in his hands.

“You sound real tough on the phone.”

“You better get out of here!” Zelda was scared as this was a side of him she had never seen. He walked over to the front of her desk.

“Who are you gonna call to get me out of here? The police… your little boyfriend? You really think they can remove me from my own building?” he asked her through clenched teeth. Zelda stood up and walked in front of the desk to face him.

“If I want you to move, you will move!”

8 months earlier…

She stood there watching, trying to figure out if it were an illusion. Zelda Irvin had just left the gym upstairs in a shopping plaza that housed Publix, a local supermarket with a café and deli. As was her ritual, she would go to her spin class and then work out on various exercise machines. After 90 minutes, she would take the steps to the bottom floor of the building where Publix was before going into the garage to retrieve her car and go home to her condominium which she shared with her ex-boyfriend Mark. As she was standing at the counter of the deli to place her order, she spotted him! The one person whom she thought she would never see again. Here he was with his back turned to her no more than five footsteps away talking to an associate of the store. Before she could be spotted, she turned on her heels and bolted! She walked the garage till she found her car and drove off.

She stomped the gas pedal until she was five intersections away and finally caught a red light. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw the tears flowing down her face. Only this man, Sydney Miller, could make her react this way. It had already been a difficult week. She was informed that a new company had purchased the building where she worked as an assistant property manager. Her boss Jennifer was in tears as she received a pink slip along with a notice of her severance package earlier in the week. She looked in her mail box and saw she didn’t have anything in it all week until today where she finally found an envelope and though she didn’t open it, she knew it was a pink slip. So she place it in her purse before she left and figured she would open it at home where she would cry in private as opposed to letting everyone see her pain in public. She reached in her purse for her phone and called her best friend Andrea.

Andrea Mathis was an attorney working in the State Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. She and Zelda had been best friends since freshman year of college at Central Florida. They were roommates from the dorm to their first off campus apartment. She was the one who set Zelda up with Mark, a decision that she regretted every day. The phone rang at least four times and she got the voice mail. Sighing in frustration, Zelda ended the call and drove through the light. As she was driving the phone begin to ring. She answered with her Bluetooth, knowing it was Andrea by the ringtone.

“Hey Drea.”

“Hey Zee. I just got out the office and saw I missed your call. What’s up?”

“I need to talk. I am going to the Rainbow Room.”

“Ohh shit…let me call Gabby and I will be there in about 20 minutes.”

They ended the call and Zelda drove on down Biscayne Boulevard towards her destination. She was there in ten minutes. She parked her car and walked inside the lounge. The Rainbow Room was a gay bar that Zelda, Andrea and their other friend Gabrielle had discovered when she moved to Miami. Andrea moved to Miami first and then Zelda joined her. Once again they were roommates and then separated when Mark convinced Zelda to move in with him. Gabrielle was a local girl from Hallandale Beach, a city a few minutes northeast of Miami and they met her at the Rainbow Room while they were looking for a bar they could get inside of and unwind without being hit on by a slew of men.

“Well, well, well… If it ain’t my daughter who’s too busy to come see me?” a man yelled, causing Zelda to immediately break out in laughter. Gerard walked up to her and wrapped her in his arms. They embraced as they always did. She looked over his shoulder and saw Arthur coming towards them and he joined the hug from behind Gerard. He and Gerard had been life partners for over 20 years before they went to Canada and had a commitment ceremony. They have been the owners of the Rainbow Room for over 15 years and they always were a hit. They all released from their embrace and looked around the bar. Gerard walked over to the largest booth in the lounge and found a man sitting there alone.

“Hey buddy, do you mind if we take this booth? I will comp you free drinks wherever you sit,” Gerard offered to the man.

“Yeah sure, no problem buddy. I’ll just go to the bar I guess,” the man said as he shook hands with Gerard. When the man turned his back, Gerard looked at the bartender and held up three fingers in one hand. The bartender nodded her understanding at his signal. They all sat in the booth and began exchanging small talk.

Minutes later, Andrea and Gabrielle walked into the lounge and found them in the booth. The hugging ritual repeated itself as they all stood up and hugged them when they walked over to the table.  They all squeezed into the booth squealing and laughing as they talked and shared stories. The table was shortly covered with deli style sandwiches and hot wings as well as two pitchers of Pink Lemonades, the Rainbow Room’s specialty drink.

“So to what do we owe this impromptu visit? Y’all mainly drink like this when y’all got problems; so tell Daddy what’s wrong and Zelda it better not have anything to do with that asshole you living with!” Arthur said as Gerard held his hand and rubbed the back of it to calm him down.

“No it has nothing to do with him. I don’t need you going to jail,” she said, remembering the last time that Arthur saw Mark he punched him in the face for cheating on Zelda. Mark tried to fight back and he was clocked in the face over and over. Embarrassed, Mark called the police and had Arthur arrested. Andrea pulled some strings and Arthur was never officially charged. Zelda always felt bad about what happened and that was part of the reason she stayed away from the Rainbow Room. Everyone else laughed at her as Andrea began talking.

“Well before you start Zee, let me go. I am working this case against this company Binary Energies, and the opposing lawyer on the case is really giving me fits.”

“Where is he giving you fits girl?” Gabrielle asked. She was the craziest of the three. Zelda and the others shook their heads as she finished her question.

“Well professionally he is brilliant and he counters my every move with one of his own. I usually can outlast other lawyers but this one is really making me work. And plus it don’t hurt that he is finer than a mother…”

Gabrielle shrieked with laughter. “So it ain’t the case, it’s the fact that he got you all heated and moist.”

Zelda’s phone begins to ring. She checks it and sees its Mark. She ignores the call and sits the phone on the table. Gabrielle’s phone rang shortly after and she answered with a smile.  “Hey baby…” She then excused herself from the table and walked to the bathroom. The others at the table looked as she squealed into the phone.

“Well anyway… Zelda, you called this meeting. So tell us why you got us here drinking when I got a case I should be brushing up for on Monday when I face off with Mr. Binary Energies?” Zelda took a deep breath before responding.

“I saw Greece today.”

Andrea’s eyes popped open so wide that you would’ve sworn they were going to fall out and roll onto the table.

“And who is Greece may I ask?” Gerard demanded when he saw the reaction.

“Only the finest man that I’d ever seen up to that point… Hmm, damn that was a great week in Orlando,” Zelda said as she was caught up in the memories. “But yeah I saw the asshole in Publix after my workout.” Andrea looked at her friend and shook her head as the anger in her voice surfaced.

“First there was this thing with Mark and having to let him stay with me another few months; then they’re cleaning house at the job and now I run into the man that I gave my heart to and he broke it. This hasn’t been my week. Shit does fall in threes doesn’t it?” Zelda said as a few tears flowed down her cheeks. Arthur moved next to her and wrapped his arms around her. Andrea and Gerard each stroked a hand of hers from across the table, showering her with kind words. Zelda sat and just received the love from her transplant family as she tried to let go of the frustration she’d been feeling about her week. They were so wrapped up in Zelda; they didn’t see Gabrielle walked by them out of the bar. Zelda finally calmed down and accepted a wad of napkins the waitress walked over and handed her.

“Damn… is Gabrielle giving birth in that bathroom?” Zelda asked which caused everyone to laugh and the tension to break.

“No she left about 10 minutes ago. I thought you guys knew,” the waitress Damita said. They looked and saw her purse was still in the booth. It had her car keys and wallet inside.

“I guess her dick of the week came by and picked her up. Will you put this in the desk in the office please? The lil fast ass will be back for it,” Gerard said to Damita as he handed her the purse. Damita smiled and walked towards the management office.  “Knowing her, his wife must be gone out somewhere so she can fuck him.” They all laughed knowing Gerard was serious. Gabrielle’s promiscuity was well known in their circle. She was never in a meaningful relationship as all her partners were usually attached to other people. Her motto was ‘He goes soft, I send him off.’

“Now I wanna hear more about this fine, Greek man that broke your heart,” Arthur stated, getting the conversation back on track.

“Well he isn’t Greek… he was playing pro basketball there. He was the star player and yes, he was fine. He stood about 6’5”, he was slender, yet muscular, and he touched me with such tenderness that it really made sex with Mark so difficult. If there was a dream man he was it.” They all looked at Zelda as she appeared to gush over this man.

“So then how did he go from the dream man to the asshole?” Arthur asked.

“Yeah I never got that side of the story either. I remember that movie style kiss at the airport in Athens and then he showed up about two months later; y’all had a loud week where I had to leave and sleep elsewhere a few nights and then you disappeared for like two years up in Providence after graduation. Then you get down here and you’re asking me to set you up with someone. And again I apologize for it being Mark,” Andrea said with a chuckle.

“Just know that he broke my heart shortly before I left Orlando.” Zelda let her mind flow through the memories she shared with Sydney and how he was so perfect and then suddenly wasn’t.

“Well what did he say to you?”

“Uh well we didn’t say anything to each other. I saw him on an aisle of the store and I got out of there before he could see me.”

“Well how do you know it was him that you saw? It could have been another man,” Arthur interjected.

“No it was him. I’d remember him anywhere.”

They all talked a few minutes more and then enjoyed the food that was spread in front of them. After downing the last of the pink lemonades, they all got up and walked to the parking lot where Andrea and Zelda talked for a few more minutes.  By the time they got in their cars, another half hour had passed. Zelda checked her phone and saw it was well after midnight. She took the drive to her North Miami Beach condo that she shared with Mark. Though they were living together, there was zero romance as far as she was concerned. She only stayed because her name was on the mortgage that they used to get the condominium. Not long after closing, she found out that Mark had been cheating on her, so she moved him into the guest room. That was over a year ago and now she had another few months before they could put it on the market and walk away from each other for good. She still couldn’t believe that she had wasted 4 years of her life with him. But it wasn’t entirely his fault either. It was that damn Sydney to blame. He was the one she wanted to be with but after what happened with him, she just used Mark as a distraction from the issues she had with him.

She pulled through the security gate and drove into the parking garage, bypassing the valet stand. After taking the elevator from the garage to the 15th floor, walking down the hall until she was in front of her door. She unlocked the door, only to be greeted by darkness and silence. Thank God, she thought as she stumbled down the dark hall to her bedroom. She closed the door and took off her tights and T-shirt, followed by her undergarments and then walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later she stepped out the shower and decided to air dry as she didn’t have a towel nearby to use. Flipping on the television, she found a movie to watch, only to fall asleep minutes later.

Meanwhile in a hotel room not too far away, Gabrielle was bent over on all fours with a man penetrating her from behind. “Oh yes… yes baby yes!! Deeper baby deeper…” she moaned as she felt his manhood fill her with each stroke. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he increased his speed. Gabrielle matched his speed with thrusts of her own. “Aaah damn!!!” he bellowed out as he felt himself coming to completion.

He stroked her deeper, releasing his seed inside of Gabrielle, then fell on top of her in exhaustion, she stroked his hair from beneath him. As they lay in their silent bliss, Gabrielle suddenly started to panic as she realized he didn’t use a condom. She flipped over quickly, sending her lover tumbling across the bed. She ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet trying to push the sperm out of her.

“FUCK!!” she screamed out as she realized that it wasn’t coming out. She washed her hands and calmed herself before walking out of the bathroom and seeing him getting dressed.

“Wow, no goodbye kiss?” she asked with venom.

“Nah you know how this goes. No feelings involved right?”

“But after two years, you still can’t spend the night with me?” Gabrielle asked as tears began to form in her eyes. They had started as just sex buddies but over time she started to fall in love with him.

“But what will my lady think?”

“Your lady… If you were so important to her, she would be searching for you right now. It is after one in the morning and your phone hasn’t rung once. If she didn’t care enough to call you by now, she ain’t gonna call.” His face fell as the weight of her words sunk in. Gabrielle was feeling emotional as the realization of her possibly being pregnant set in. “You know what, just go. I ain’t gonna beg you to stay with me.”

Gabrielle sat on the bed and pulled the covers over her and turned away from him. As the tears began to flow out of her eyes, she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist. She felt him snuggle up against her back and turned her over. He kissed her deep and slipped her his tongue. She shared her tongue with him as well and reopened her body for his taking.

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