PEEK INSIDE – Confronting the Incurable by Alana Brown


          In Alana Brown’s new book, Confronting the Incurable, she shares insights and wisdom that will help believers live a life pleasing to God. Regardless of your past mistakes or present position with God you will be strengthened and empowered to walk in God’s perfect will. This book is full of personal anecdotes and testimonies backed by Scripture that will not only help to give you the knowledge but the zeal to experience the abundant life that Christ promised.
It is very rare to read a literary work that addresses the consequences of disobedience to God’s Word and voice. I wish that I had read this book at age 18, it would have discouraged me from sinful decision making and the unnecessary results of these actions. In modern times the message of grace has become over-abused and falsely taught, creating the hyper grace syndrome, causing a “do what you want, how you want, and God is okay” attitude within The Church. Confronting the Incurable enhances our understanding of God’s judgement, but also opens our eyes to experience God’s unfailing love.
Alana’s writing is unmitigated in its transparency as she unabashedly shares from her own personal faults, challenges, and even failures. Readers will be able to identify some of the personal hang-ups that she has written about. I have personally watched her LIVE, SUFFER-THROUGH, and WALK OUT the very revelations that she shares in this book. Confronting the Incurable isn’t just a literary work but personal epistle by a young woman of God pressing to live a life pleasing to God.
How often have we examined our spiritual foundation to determine if it was faulty? As you read, you will be challenged to excavate the motivation of your inner-self, but also to grow into a believer able to stand strong in The Word. Common misconception about the Word of God, sin, and wrongdoing are cleared up to prevent us from being deceived by falsely held belief systems that presently exist within society.
You will enjoy the painstaking effort that the author took to be thorough in writing Confronting the Incurable. The Scriptural teachings are enhanced by practical applications that minister not only to your spirit but your soul and body. This dynamic work takes a holistic approach to right-living. I highly recommend this book to believers serious about their spiritual walk and obtaining the fullness of the promises of God for their life.



                 On Saturday, June 23, 2018, the Lord woke me up and told me it was time to start writing. I knew another book was coming soon, but I needed to wait until I received the “go” in my spirit. This is my second book, and while the first was cutting, this one will be far more telling. It’s the only way I know how to write. I must give full expression to my experiences as filtered through the Word of Yahweh and the precious Holy Spirit.


“Blessed be Yahweh, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the Yahweh of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted

 of Yahweh.” -2 Corinthians 1:3-4


If you read my first book, Late Nights on the Straight and Narrow, I share quite a bit about my relationship blunders. I cringe when I read it, but those who’ve read it enjoyed and reaped the benefits of my soul-baring. This book is being birthed from an infirmity I’ve been battling for almost two years. In October 2016, I started having difficulty walking up stairs. The following few months, I began having difficulty walking at all, tripping and falling multiple times a day. Doctors ignored my complaints and told me it was just in my head, but my health continued to decline until I realized that I had lost almost all muscle memory in my legs. My hips were too weak to balance my frame, my shoulders curved forward, and I walked bent over with a cane. Finally, I saw a neurologist who ordered the blood work that revealed the problem.

On June 13, 2016 the neurologist’s office called me at work to tell me to report to the emergency room immediately. My muscle enzyme levels had reached 14,000 units when the normal amount is only 100. The fact that I was still walking was by sheer will. The spirit of death had taken its hold on my body and with my permission. After a biopsy, several MRI’s, and many other torturous tests, I was given a long-term death sentence. In July 2017 my doctors diagnosed me with two rare and incurable forms of an autoimmune disorders; polymyositis and necrotizing myositis. This disease is chronic in nature and can only be managed by medication until the rest of the body shuts down. The muscle in my legs had broken down so significantly that my thighs had visible holes where the tissue had been destroyed. My kidneys were fighting hard to remove the proteins in my blood, and it was the mercy of the Lord that kept them from failing.

I spent six weeks in the hospital in 2017 and another four during the summer of 2018 due to a flare up. This is the end of going around the mountain for me, so I’m writing with fervor and vigor! I hope you can feel my excitement as you read these words. Pardon me while I worship His great name!


It is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.”  -Lamentations 3:22


How did I end up in this situation? I didn’t take my own advice from my first book. I enjoyed seasons of obedience, but I continually struggled with sexual sin even after receiving a stern warning from the Lord that judgment would come if I did not stop. All I can say now is that I’m thankful to even be alive. Right now, I’m sitting in a wheelchair. By the time I finish writing this book, I want to toss this wheelchair in the dumpster. I never want to need or see it again. This act of obedience is my exit strategy. Come on rejoice with me right now because the Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!

I’ve never read a book or heard a sermon that dealt with what happens to believers when they continue to disobey Yahweh. Surely, I am not the first to fall into this trap, and my convictions tell me not all of them were lost. Where are those who made it through to the other side? Where are the soldiers who pressed through the weight of their iniquity, uprooted the unbelief, pressed for their healing, received it, and were fully restored? The fight for healing is one thing, but when you know you’re sick because of your own choices – the battle is particularly intense. Maybe those who’ve been in this fire don’t want to uncover themselves, and I get it. But this is my way out, so I’m telling the truth and shaming the devil!

Have you been diagnosed with an incurable disease? Is your body attacking itself? Are you in chronic pain? Have you been given a death sentence, or even a sentencing of a life with pain and continual decline in health? I’m interrupting your day to tell you that your diagnosis is a lie. You have a sin problem that can be totally cured through the blood of Jesus and obedience to His Word. My prayer is that as you read this book you will find strength to endure the process until your appointed time has come.


The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness; but a wounded spirit who can bear? -Proverbs 18:14


Chapter 1


Check Your Foundation


Whether you believe the sickness is a generational curse, witchcraft attack, or result of iniquity, there is deliverance and healing available if we endure to the appointed time. I’m going to write some controversial things. My goal is to prevent anyone who reads this book from going down the path of affliction as I have and to assist those who are in the midst of the fire with their deliverance. I want this book to ignite the fear of Yahweh in every reader; fueling the search for Him to be deep and desperate. I aim to challenge your current doctrine and belief system, cutting out anything that isn’t producing Godly fruit and setting you and your generations free from the powers of darkness that are working to keep you bound. You’ve been asking why the mountain isn’t moving– don’t reject the answer!


When they heard that, they were cut to the heart, and took counsel to slay them.  -Acts 5:33


Many stumble on the Word of Yahweh, whether written or prophetic, and become offended. The above Scripture describes the results of when Peter confronted the Sanhedrin about the wrongness of their actions. They were cut to the core. As you read through this book, you too will be cut. A cut, however, is not condemnation. Other times your nerves will be grated to no end, making you want to quit. My advice is to stay in that place! When you feel the rebuke, thank the Lord for it. How you respond to the rebuke will determine your outcome! Until the feeling of opposition is gone, press through that issue until the Scripture or revelation no longer pains you.

There’s a Scripture in Hebrews 12 that I hate to read because it puts responsibility on me for something I’d like to place on others. I’m still grappling with it, but over time I’ve made the actions in that Scripture a daily practice and have seen the benefits. As you meditate on Scriptures and revelations, your mindset will change, and strongholds will be uprooted. Some of the things you’ve been so convinced you are right about, you will discover were wrong. Every time I have been confronted with The Word or with a rightful rebuke and repented, the Lord opened my understanding and revealed more to me. I grew because of my willingness to submit to His Word. All it cost me were a few hurt feelings!

Another sign you may be offended with the Word of Yahweh is when you find yourself not agreeing or wanting to hear the truth. For example, whenever I talk about yoga someone inevitably says, “But I like yoga so don’t talk about that” or “I just meditate on Jesus.” Well who really cares what you like or don’t like or don’t agree with if the Word of Yahweh is truly the standard for your life? And how does meditating on Jesus change the nature of a Hindu ritual? Hindus don’t wear crosses! At the very least, take some time to research the matter for yourself. Be tender-hearted enough to ask the Lord to lead you to the answer. Make the adjustment instead of remaining in bondage. Prevent anger from getting in the way of finding your healing. I’ve suffered greatly, and I do not want my brothers and sisters in Christ to remain in darkness about the topics in this text. When I start writing, the Lord takes over, and when I go back to read the words cut me just as they may cut you.


“Father, I ask you to reveal to me any bad doctrine or selfish ambitions that are blocking me from receiving the truth of your Word. I submit my intellect, will, and emotions to you in this process. Change me, Father! In Jesus’ name, amen!”


Before we even begin to discuss pain and symptoms or even sin, let’s look at what we believe about Christ at our core. We have so many promises given to us by God, but we miss them when we are not in right alignment. Matthew 6:33 teaches us to seek first the kingdom of God. A righteous person does what God requires rather than seeks God to do their bidding. Let’s take a glance at what the Word of God says about salvation, being spirit-filled, fasting, and the basic principles of healing. We must rightly believe to rightly receive! If the foundation of our faith is not firm, we must first rebuild the foundation.


If the foundations be destroyed, 

what can the righteous do? -Psalm 11:3