Author – Robert Jenkins


Apostle Robert Jenkins hales from Warren, Ohio, born August of 1963. Now residing in New Orleans Louisiana, he and his wife Cassandra Jenkins are the founders of Divine Insight Ministries. Their ministry is a multicultural, Bible-based, Spirit-filled ministry; engaging in reaching the hearts of men, by first touching the heart of God.

Robert Jenkins has numerous years of Bible training and has traveled to many parts of the world throughout his 40 years of preaching. His ministerial gift is not only revolutionary but also that of revelatory teaching. The command by God on Apostle Jenkins’ life is the awakening of oneself to the truth. His endeavor for God’s people is that:

  • Purpose is revealed
  • Passions are renewed
  • Principles are restored

“I believe that a key to life for every believer is to understand the kingdom of God from within.”

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