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  • Tarina Tyson says:

    I paid for this book, but another one downloaded. Can anyone help me?

  • Morean says:

    I cant see the free download bottom or where to click to download the it.

    • Zita Grant says:

      There is no “download button”. You have to add the item to the Cart and process the check out steps. You will not be charged for the Fasting 101 Notes file. Once check out steps are completed, you will receive an email from the site. Open the email and CLICK on the document’s title, Fasting 101 Notes. This will open the file which you then SAVE to the device you are on so you can read repeatedly.


  • Albert Popoola says:

    I am wanting to buy the book “Be free from spirit spouses (marine spirits) by Zita Grant” and would want to buy the one with the online training course. I’m not sure the ones on ebay/amazon have this included in their book. Can I make a purchase over the phone?
    And also is there more information about the training course, and whether this is ideal for self deliverance?

  • esthersmilie says:

    Dear Zita,

    I purchased the PDF version. Page 8 is blank. Kindly help. Thank you.

  • mslaford79 says:

    Hello Zita,
    I just Cash App you 7.99 for my Book (Before The End Of Days) it’s not allowing me to download my book I forgot to put the Title in there.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Note, Cash App order payments are not automatic. They need to be manually processed by us during normal business hours; we are in Florida. The files are then manually sent to customers, which can then be downloaded. Processing your purchase now.

      Thanks for your business.

  • femi.akanbi says:

    Hi, I purchased the Spirit Spouse ebook yesterday, how long does it take to become available for download. The status shows on hold.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Hello, your payment processing was completed by PayPal early this morning. Processing time is based on their clearing of payments. Generally, orders are completed within minutes.

      Please note on the Order Email that you need to click on the book’s title AND save the file to your device so that you can read at your leisure. Thanks for your support.

  • suezworld says:

    I cannot access a book I had purchased earlier my account name is Suezworld.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Download ability has be updated on you order. Please note on the Order Email that you need to click on the book’s title AND save the file to your device so that you can read at your leisure. Thanks for your support.

  • armeldaallen77 says:

    This is Armelda Allen my order number is 9549

  • mslovely4god08 says:

    I looked on my order it says complete. When I downloaded it says I’ve reached my limits when I went back to start reading again so I’m not sure what happened. I cannot even access it.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Hello, please provide either your Order Number or Name on account so we can update download ability. Please note on the Order Email that you need to click on the book’s title AND save to your device so that you can read at your leisure. Thanks for your support.

  • armeldaallen77 says:

    Hello I just download the files, now it’s saying I have reached my limit and I haven’t even read it. How will I save files once you allow me access to download again.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Additional access has been added to your order (2). Please initiate downloading again, thanks.

    • armeldaallen77 says:

      This is my receipt number 0506-8487-3580-7563 my name is armelda allen and on order email I only have the receipt and it does not have the title on it

  • daystar_truth says:

    Good afternoon
    I purchased the pdf form of Be free From Spirit Spouse on May 25th, just wondering when will i receive it.
    Thank you so much.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Click the book’s title in the email you received from this site to initiate downloading the file. Be sure to SAVE the file so you can read at your leisure.

      Thanks for your support.

  • Alexisk720 says:

    Hello so I’ve gotten the spirit spouses pdf but unfortunately forgot to download it to my device is there a way I can still access it

    • Zita Grant says:

      Download access has been granted again. Please use your purchase email to click book title to download AND save the file for continued reading. Thanks for your support.

  • xox4evabella says:


    I recently purchased the ‘End of Days’ book. I was able to read it on my phone last night but now it says that I have reached my download limit and I am unable to continue reading. Help!

    • Zita Grant says:

      As stated on the shopping cart and order email you must download AND save your files to read repeatedly.

      Your access to download again has been granted. Please save the file after downloading.

      Thank you for your support and do leave a review when done reading.

  • mzhonee says:

    After purchasing the E-book do I wait until it shows in my e-mail?

    • Zita Grant says:

      Hello and thank you for the support. The purchase confirmation email you received contains the download link. You will need to click the title of your eBook to start the download.

      You must save the file once downloaded in order to read repeatedly.

      The Stripe Team

  • mckeanbk says:

    Hi there
    I’ve just purchased spirit spouses book and I opened it but hadn’t saved my internet cut. I’m now not able to download as I am receiving a message that I have already downloaded. I have not yet received the email confirmation either. This was done about 5 minutes ago.
    Thanks and God bless

  • missypete2004 says:

    I checked back and I now have 2 downloads left so I was able to save this time. Thank you.

  • CafenCoco says:

    Hi. Can’t find my purchase. Plz help.

    • Zita Grant says:

      Please open your receipt email again and click on book’s title. Once downloaded, SAVE file to the device you open it on so you can read whenever you want.

      Thanks for reaching out and allowing us to help you with this matter.

      The Stripe Team

  • ebonyhorn says:

    Hi Zita,

    I was able to download your new book, however my download to Doorways to Sin expired before I downloaded it. Can that link to download be made back active?



    • Zita Grant says:

      Thanks for the support. The download expiration for Doorways to Sin has been extended until Feb 9th, 2020. Looking forward to reading your reviews!

  • soarflygirl says:

    Hello I just tried to purchase Spiritual Spouse through my Cash App but it was refunded. Should I resubmit through PayPal??
    Thank you!
    Sharon Harris

    • Zita Grant says:

      Thanks for messaging us. It was refunded because there was no email address and book title in Cash App comment. Please go ahead and resend the Cash App payment and we will send your book file to the gmail email on this comment. Thanks for your support.

  • natasjastroebel says:

    I am trying to pay with my credit card, and dont want to have a PayPal account. But I cant seem to be able to pay with my credit card. Please advise

    • Inezita Collins says:

      At this time we only accept PayPal. Thanks for your interest. You can also get our books on Amazon, where you can pay using credit cards.

  • topeayowole says:

    From Lagos, Nigeria.
    Good evening. I tried purchasing this e-book but it kept saying “There are no shipping methods available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help”.

  • jet3497 says:

    Hello I bought the pdf files but it says it cannot be downloaded please help…. it seems a lot of people have the same issue. Thanks

    • says:

      You have been granted additional access to download AND save file on the device you open it on by clicking on the books title.

      Thank you.

  • mnstrjackson40 says:

    Hello I wanted the book not download please assist me in this manner.

    • says:

      Hello and thank you for your interest in purchasing from us. Which book(s) are you interested in?

      We accept payment through either PayPal or

  • waruguru7 says:

    Hi Zita, am trying to purchase the ‘Be Free From Spirit Spouses’ and once i click ‘Proceed To Checkout’ to go to Pay via paypal using my card it’s not going through. It gets to the paypal checkout with the transaction details yet it doesn’t proceed any further after i click the ‘Pay Now’ on paypal.

    kindly assist on this.

    • says:

      Hi, you will need to contact PayPal regarding interactions with their site. We have had others purchase books within the past 24 hours with no know issues.

      Thanks for your support.

  • says:

    Done. Thanks for the support.

  • henoch.gariseb says:

    This is my first purchase and download from this website. I used my mobile phone to purchase the book and after registering I received an email with a link which I clicked. After clicking the link, there was no action on the phone that it was downloading and after my second attempt I was informed that I have reach the limit of my download although I could not download.

    Could you assist me in how I can download the book?

    Kind regards,

    • says:

      Hello Henoch,

      Sorry for your issues. We have granted download access on your order. Please click on the link in your receipt email. Should you still have issues, let us know and we will contact you directly.

      • Henoch Gariseb says:


        I tried downloading using the link but with no avail. Kindly contact me directly for further assistance.

        Kind regards,

  • ichoose2worship01 says:

    I just purchased the PDF and cant access. Please advise.

  • archery says:

    I am no lοngeг sure the place you’re getting your informatiⲟn, but great topic.
    I must spend some time learning much more or ᥙnderstanding
    more. Thank you for excеⅼlent info I used tߋ be searching for thіs info for my mіssion.

  • kelli19 says:

    Hi. I’ve just finished reading your book. I experienced deliverance at my work place. It was scary and awesome at the same time. Thank you for allowing God and Holy Spirit to use you to bring much needed knowledge and revelation to the world! May God continue to allow increase in your life. Thank you again!!

  • S. Hoepel says:

    Hello. On the 10th of January 2018 I ordered ‘Be free from spirit spouses’ by Zita Grant. But till now I haven’t got the book yet. Could you please check it out?

    • says:

      Hello, please check your email for the message that was automatically sent on 1/10/2018 from 2 Tigers LLC. We have extended the download deadline for you. Click on the underlined title of the book to download and save to your device. Thank you for your support and looking forward to reading your review.

  • Tabby says:

    Halleluyah! Wow! I finally got my book. You’ve got no idea how much I’ve been waiting, let me start reading immediately. Thank you so much 2tigers. God bless you in all your endeavours. Thank you Zita for writing.

  • Tabby says:

    Hi, there must be something special about this book “Be free from spirit spouses” by Zita, that the enemy does not want people to read. God forbid.
    This is the most difficult purchase I’ve ever made and I still haven’t received my book since last year.

    • says:

      Wow Tabby want a challenge. Will be sending you a direct email shortly regarding this. Thank you for your support and God bless!

  • Tabby says:

    Hi, I purchased an e book from you ” Be free from spirit spouses by Zita” but unfortunately I couldn’t download it. I kept trying eventually it indicated that my time to do so expired. Is it possible for you to send me another one.

  • emilyhuni says:

    I purchased a book but after downloading it somehow lost it cause i ddnt see the option to save tried dowloading again but it says i have exceeded my limit. Can you please email me the pdf. Thanks

  • Mary Nash says:

    Would appreciate a response to request of Pastor Ewing’s availability for a conference April 13, 2018. Additional information regarding the conference may be found at Also, a weekly or monthly teaching via phone for our New Generation ministry.
    Respectfully, Mary Nash

    • says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. I have forwarded the message and your email to Kevin. Please let me us know if you do not hear from him within the next 7 days. God bless.

      • Mary Nash says:

        I listen to Minister Ewing on You Tube, but could not find an e-mail address or any information giving direction on how to request him as a speaker. On the website of a podcast entitled, “Generational Blessings” there is a notation that Minister Kevin L.A. Ewing is a well sort after speaker, so I requested information regarding availability and fee. I did receive a response stating my request was forwarded to him, but have not received additional communication. May I have a phone number to his organization so that I may call him or his agent direct? A phone conversation will give him the opportunity to ask me questions as well. He is truly excellent and others who don’t t of his teaching will benefit greatly.
        Respectfully, Mary Nash

  • iyatunde says:

    Good evening dear I am unable to purchase the paperback version of Be free from spirit spouses.

    • says:

      Hello, the paperback is currently only available on Amazon. You can follow the link from this site to Amazon or go directly to that site.

  • akilahvp3 says:

    After purchasing I Tried downloading the book to my phone but it says I’ve already downloaded the book but I didn’t. Any way tiu can resend the link or email the Ebook I’ve purchased?

    • says:

      Thanks Akilah for your support. We have reset your download ability for another download. Be sure to save the file once downloaded to access again later 🙂

  • lucifuge101 says:

    This is my first purchase on this website and I tried to download The Demon and The Angel but my device was full and it failed when I freed some space I attempted again but it now says I can’t how do I get the book I purchased i don’t know how to go about this on this website

    Hello Jennifer, we’ll will email you directly regarding the solution. Thank you for your support. The Stripe Team

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  • jones.anna4986 says:

    Excuse me but when and where on your site to find writing contests?

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