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  • akilahvp3 says:

    After purchasing I Tried downloading the book to my phone but it says I’ve already downloaded the book but I didn’t. Any way tiu can resend the link or email the Ebook I’ve purchased?

    • says:

      Thanks Akilah for your support. We have reset your download ability for another download. Be sure to save the file once downloaded to access again later 🙂

  • lucifuge101 says:

    This is my first purchase on this website and I tried to download The Demon and The Angel but my device was full and it failed when I freed some space I attempted again but it now says I can’t how do I get the book I purchased i don’t know how to go about this on this website

    Hello Jennifer, we’ll will email you directly regarding the solution. Thank you for your support. The Stripe Team

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  • jones.anna4986 says:

    Excuse me but when and where on your site to find writing contests?

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