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  • osujiantonia says:

    I made a reservation for the dec.14th conference and i wanted to pay couldnot locate it anymore

    • Zita Grant says:

      Hello, tickets sales have been closed as event sold out. Also, we don’t see this email address connected to any of the purchased tickets.

      The next event is April 18th, 2020. Feel free to follow the Facebook Page @NoBrokeTour to stay updated on when tickets go on sale. Or check back to this site by early February.

  • Cassandra Chisholm says:

    Be Free From Spirit Spouses. I finally have been able to complete the book and it was an amazing read. I loved how much of a simple read it was. Ms. Zita did an amazing job on breaking down and giving history of spirit spouses and how we attract them. The deliverance prayers in the book are very much appreciated. May the Lord continue to bless the works of you hands Ms. Zita.

  • Zita, I just finished read your book “Free from spirit spouses” and I was blown away about how indepth and insightful it was! Thank you for contributing such a powerful book to society so that people can learn and grow. God bless you.

  • missypete2004 says:

    I purchased the download and I put my phone down after reading a few pages. Now I cannot locate the book and when I go to my account, it tells me that I have to purchase again??

    • Zita Grant says:

      Access has been granted again for you to download AND SAVE eBook to your device. It must be saved for you to read repeatedly.

      Thank you for reaching out to us to assist in this matter.

  • Soldatnan pa Kristu Hesus says:

    Hi Zita,
    The veil awaking; the title speak for it.
    Super Blessed.
    Thank you so much.

  • Tarica Scott says:

    Great books? for Summer☀️ reads, learning and so much more.? Thanks Zita!

  • Zita is a wealth of knowledge and pours into fellow business owners her knowledge of the industry. Her spirit is warm kind and loving yet firm. She is one of many projects and compilations all of which leads others to Christ and a deeper understanding of his existence. I personally love and admire her. And proud to have her as my big sister in ministry.

  • Chelsea S says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU Ms. Zita!! Thank you for the book on Marine Spirits. After I got the PDF I read the entire book in one night!! Yes one night!! I have had so much insight and understanding and it has changed my life FOREVER. You have my support. I have told others about the book.

    God Bless You,
    (Charlie Brown)

    • 2TigersLLC@gmail.com says:

      Thank you for the support and for telling others of my work ??


      • Musonda Virgilia Kapambwe says:

        Hi Zita,
        I purchased be free from spirit spouses in October via PayPal but up-to now I still haven’t received it yet.


        • Inezita Collins says:

          Hello and thank you for your support. Did you purchase your copy from this website or Amazon?

          If you purchased from this website I will search all completed orders using this email address or to see what the issue was.

          If you purchased from Amazon, you will need to contact them regarding your order, using the email received from them upon your purchase. I have no access to their payment / shipping information.

  • Doris Thompson says:

    And thank you for all that you are sharing and teaching Body Of Christ.
    Are all of these books listed here a recommendation from Min Kevin? Btw, I purchased two copies of your book Free from spirit spouses, thank you SO SO MUCH Ms. Zits!!
    One more thing saw teaching on Min Kevin Utube by Uzo Geoff, is this person truly someone min Kevin endorses, just want to be sure b4 I truly lend my full attention to him, also any books by him? Thank you.

    • 2TigersLLC@gmail.com says:

      Hello and thank you for your support. No not all books here have been read by Kevin. I can not say which ministries Kevin endorses, but he did recommend one of his books which is available on Amazon.

      As in all things, I would recommend you pray and seek direction from God for your spiritual growth.


  • Read and prayed ,prayer points for spirit spouses corcerning marine kingdom and spirit it has helped me spiritually

  • Leenah Molabei says:

    My recent experience has caused me to search for the things that i really do not understand in my life. And this is to do with marine spirits which i really need a copy but don’t know how to obtain.

  • Vilma Girigorie says:

    Hi Zita,
    Your book “Be Free from spirit spouses”
    Is higley recommended.
    I have learned and enjoyed This book.
    Thank you so much.

  • Ray Redmond III says:


    God Bless you and your ability to put in writing what is much needed for serious Christians to get on with their journey for the Lord! I read your book “Be Free of Spiritual Spouses” what a good read and most enlightening-I will read it a second, time this week. With Kevin’s being used by God to open the spiritual eyes of God’s word and reading your books make it very difficult to sit in a watered down service. I must say-the prayers ending your book are awesome, scripture backed and spiritually show how Men of God fully depended on God’s Spirit for everything as all is made and ordained in/through the Spirit! What an inspiring Blessing!

  • Felita Vaughn says:

    Can you spell out name of Bible you use during your videos besides King James please? Also, can you list other ones you use if you can. Your teachings are what I much needed in my walk with God. Thank you very much and May God continually bless you and your family.

    • 2TigersLLC@gmail.com says:

      If you are referring to Kevin’s Teachings these are the Bible versions he uses. King James, The McArthur’s Bible, and the Open Bible.

  • Matthew Rogers says:

    This site was listed by Nathan Valerio in The Demon and the Angel, I can’t seem to locate a site for him is he on here or is the a different site? Love his books and would like to support his writings.

  • Alexys Kury says:

    Hi Zita,

    I can reach you on your email: 2tigersllc@gmail.com. Has it been changed? I need to reach you.

  • MaudyMaudy says:

    Hi Zita, this is an amazing book, very spiritually Christian building and God’s knowledge en-lightener. Simply love it, good book!

  • Goretti Muluka says:

    I read the book free from spirit spouses and must say it’s been an eye opener and now I’ve been equipped on how to pray

  • Sherry says:

    I read your book Free From Spirit Spouses. I really enjoyed the book. I prayed as I read and saw my life in the book. I highly recommend this book to all born again believers.

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Zita, lady your book is all that great!! I really learned from it and definitely used the prayers. Thank you very much for your kindess and passion to help others:-)

  • Diane F Bell says:

    How do I rec my material. Not certain is it via email?

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